Approximately twenty years ago my husband and I bought a small farmette thinking it would be nice to save money on boarding the horses (my husband) and that it would be such a pleasure to take care of the animals my way and raise my daughter with horses  (my thinking).  So, we launched into this adventure totally unprepared the amount of work, money, sweat, tears and trials it would take to whip this small piece of land into a smooth-running operation.  When we’re not working at our paying jobs, we spend our free time mending fences, pulling weeds, dragging the arena, mowing, bush hogging, fixing the tractor, seeding pasture, feeding, cleaning and nursing horses, dogs, cats…you get the idea.  But I love my farm.  Little did I know years ago how profoundly the experience of living close to my horses and caring for the farm would affect who I am.  This blog is about that experience: the past, the present, the hopes for the future.  It’s also about my horses, the training, the mistakes, the heart-breaks and the small triumphs.  I hope you gain as much from reading it as I do from living it.   Sincerely, Lisa


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