What’s Digging These Holes?

bigholeThe latest farm mystery: what creature is digging holes in my riding arena…and why? Just in the last month or so some creature has been digging in the arena, mostly along the edges, but sometimes right in the middle. The holes are generally not very deep and do not GO ANYWHERE. What could be doing this, and what is it after? Any ideas from anyone who has experienced this phenomenon? The arena is almost eighteen years old and I have never had this problem before. I’m sure my dogs may come by and expand upon the hole work already begun, but they are not initiating it. I’ve seen deer and fox in there upon occasion, but never witnessed any creature in the act of digging. Luckily, I spotted the rather large tank trap of a hole before a horse stepped into it! multiholes


About lrtrovi

I am a writer in Howard County, Maryland who spends free time practicing the art of dressage on my horses, haunting the local bookstores and libraries for the next great read, and working on my own novels.
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