The Further Adventures of Rat Dog

farrierLittle Irish Hunt terrier Madegan (aka Maddie aka Rat Dog aka Maddie Baddie) loves when the farrier visits. She ate her weight in hoof trimmings, then spent the evening vomiting on my Persian carpet, arm chair, etc. Sadly, I’m looking at having to keep her locked up during horse shoeing from now on, which is sad, because she especially loves when the farrier tosses out his bucket of water on her at the end. Here she is, waiting patiently for that magic moment!


About lrtrovi

I am a writer in Howard County, Maryland who spends free time practicing the art of dressage on my horses, haunting the local bookstores and libraries for the next great read, and working on my own novels.
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2 Responses to The Further Adventures of Rat Dog

  1. Jennifer Williams says:

    You tell such amusing stories of your animals; like I was right there with you.


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