Pesto Cubes: Frozen Blocks of Summer Goodness

Pesto cubes

Pesto cubes

I grow basil and tomato plants every summer mostly because I love the way they smell in the garden. Today I harvested most of the basil to make into pesto (an Italian topping great over pasta, meats, or mixed in to almost anything). If you’ve never had pesto, you are missing something! It is simple, but a bit messy to make. Grind the basil leaves with EVOO, garlic, toasted pignioli (pine nuts) and shredded parmesan. It should have a loose, lumpy consistency. I like to spoon it into a plastic ice cube tray and freeze it for individual use. There is nothing better than popping one of these pesto cubes out in the dead of winter to use in stews, spaghetti sauce, on top of fish or chicken…it is like a little block of summer warmth and freshness in the cold of winter.


About lrtrovi

I am a writer in Howard County, Maryland who spends free time practicing the art of dressage on my horses, haunting the local bookstores and libraries for the next great read, and working on my own novels.
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2 Responses to Pesto Cubes: Frozen Blocks of Summer Goodness

  1. KaleverA says:

    SO smart, geez whiz, you could market that. Genius!!!


  2. lrtrovi says:

    Hmmm, still basking in the glow of being called a genius. A first time for everything. Thanks.


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