Manure Happens

manure-pile-for-saleA law of nature: if you feed one end, it has to come out in almost equal volume from the other. Not to put too fine a point on it, what am I supposed to do with all this SH*T? The small farm/horse owner is faced with quite a dilemma with the increasing restrictions, the “Save the Bay” environmental movement in the mid-Atlantic, and other health and residential code restrictions. Over the winter, the manure bin grew to crippling proportions, but thankfully my husband is a marketing genius and has advertised the aged manure as compost to the serious gardeners of our area: he loads, they haul. The funny thing about this is that sometimes non-country people who don’t know what “load” means show up in their Volvo wagons with a garden rake and a few trash bags. No, no, no, we load with a tractor loader into pick-up beds and trailers. So, the battle with the pile rages on. We are on too small an acreage to consider spreading, and indeed I spend a good deal of time picking the fields so they don’t get too “over fertilized.” There is the option of hauling it all to the county landfill, but you really have to have a tip-dumper truck or trailer to make that feasible. Do any of you horse farm owners out there have a better solution?


About lrtrovi

I am a writer in Howard County, Maryland who spends free time practicing the art of dressage on my horses, haunting the local bookstores and libraries for the next great read, and working on my own novels.
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