When You Can’t Ride, Then What?

LauricheSaddleThis winter here in the Mid Atlantic has been one for the record books. For those of us unfortunate ones without an indoor arena, it is sometimes impossible to keep up with training. In my younger days, I would have pressed on, riding in freezing temps and trekking through snow, but the combined formula of my more mature years and my horses’ recent injuries put the brakes on that idea. Therefore, there have been weeks upon weeks when I have not ridden. What to do to fill the time? Well, one thing that I never seem to find time for is cleaning my tack. That may be, simply because I hate that chore, especially bridles. Really, taking apart and re-assembling a bridle should be one of the intelligence tests they give people to see if they qualify to go into quantum physics or electrical engineering. But, I digress. Since I had time on my hands I decided to give my saddle a beauty make-over. I’ve found that the Lauriche saddle, though hard to find, is the most balanced and comfortable of any I have ever used, and since I bought mine (a dressage style one) used, I really want to ensure it lasts. One of the Lauriche saddle repair experts (believe there is only one in the U.S.) recommended the following treatment to keep the saddle leather supple and sound: with your bare hands, rub in a generous amount of Ko-cao-line leather dressing into the saddle. The warmth of your hands helps smooth the process, since the dressing has the consistency of grape jelly. Then, wrap the saddle in a plastic bag and keep it warm for a day or so. Afterwards, wipe off excess product and enjoy a newly-refurbished saddle. It does penetrate the leather and renew it, removing small lines and dry areas. It works so well, I’m thinking of using this same treatment on my face. 🙂


About lrtrovi

I am a writer in Howard County, Maryland who spends free time practicing the art of dressage on my horses, haunting the local bookstores and libraries for the next great read, and working on my own novels.
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